Our Success

In December 2016 ALTBC was asked by the Obama Administration’s Communications Director to promote the White House’s diaper gap initiative.


In March 2016  the Obama Administration asked the private sector to create ways to make diapers more accessible and affordable. ALTBC has benefited from the JetCares Community Diaper Program which has allowed the organization to reach out to people who we otherwise could not serve.

Thank you from the Salvation Army shelter:

“Two babies who were born at the shelter after the diapers were dropped off…the diapers were a GOD-send!!”

 ALTBC has received local and national media coverage

Lisa Sewell was interviewed by Derrick McGary on KTOY 104.7 FM “Sunday Morning Show” on September 20, 2015.

Texarkana Gazette October 4, 2016 “With White House push, the diaper gap comes into view”

Diaper need in Texarkana was the feature story in the July 2015 edition of HER Magazine.

The International Club’s diaper drive for DNAW received coverage on


In September 2015, Texarkana, Texas Mayor Bob Bruggeman and Texarkana, Arkansas Mayor Ruth Penney Bell issued a joint proclamation recognizing Diaper Need Awareness Week (DNAW), September 28 to October 4, in the twin cities. This was the first time DNAW was recognized in the twin cities.

2015 DNAW Joint Proclamation

Lisa had the opportunity to speak before the Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas City Councils about DNAW (the Texas City Council presentation begins at 14:13 and the Arkansas City Council presentation is at the very end).

DNAW Proclamation Texarkana
Lisa Sewell with Texarkana, Texas Mayor Bob Bruggeman on September 14, 2015.



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